Science is important to me because…

Participants in last year’s March for Science in Mobile may remember our interactive booth, where you could text your answer to the question “Science is important to me because…” and have it displayed at the event along with all the other answers. We’ve compiled a selection of the responses into a graphic. How do YOU answer this question?

I march for science because science helps clean water, feed people, heal illnesses, and care for our planet. Science has the rest of the answers. The desire to know is the deepest human motivation! Science is a way of knowing that requires us to look into the world and into ourselves with the highest standards and the greatest level of attention. I march for science because science turns "i don't know" into "i don't know, yet" And you won't find anything more empowering than that. Science means life. I'm marching for science because without it I wouldn't have a career. #FutureNurse My dad's aorta stent yesterday wouldn't have been possible. Climate change is one of the greatest threats facing humanity. I'm concerned about the environment. I support renewable energy. I want to keep enjoying Alabama's beaches! I like making a better world for everyone. My kids and grandkids will need a planet to live in. Science is important to me because I have always been curious and Science gives me the answers to the questions that I didn't even know how to ask. Because facts matter. Why have brains if we don't use them? We can't let ignorance run rampant! (sent with Slam Effect). Science gave my little brother the ability to hear. Science marches on work for humanity. I know people who are dying of cancer. Science marches for me! Food security depends on Science. I want future generations to have as good a life as I do. I believe that NOAA and the NWS deserve more funding not less. Science is the foundation of our success as a society. Smartphones. Many careers depend on it. Science creates jobs! It proves that gender is more than X and Y. Climate change is not a future issue. It's a "right effing now" issue. Science is important to me. I'm marching for SCIENCE because Mars isn't habitable yet. Science is important to me. Science helps fight mental illness. Because science is the best chance we have to save the earth. I support science because the future of our democracy depends on it. If we're not moving forward, we're moving backward. Because science saves lives! Science is important to me because the quest for knowledge cannot be stifled!! We need access to facts - not alt facts. Science is Important to Me because: it funds necessary human rights, like abortion! Science reveals social and environmental injustices. Heals.... Great science and open data makes America great! There are people who live in poverty! I'm marching for science because without it, I would still be bed ridden once a month with severe cramps. I march for science because people need jobs! It is the engine of prosperity. Because I want to know when I am wrong. USA should be #1 in science!!! We're the progenitors of the future. Scientists ROCK We still don't know how to give a job to everyone! REASONS!! We still don't know how to eradicate poverty! God loves science! It is the past, present, and future! We only have one earth! Because God gave us brain to THINK and EXPLORE.... Sanity should prevail at any cost! I march for science because azathioprine, Remicade, and prednisone keep me functioning. Science keeps me sane and pain free! I want the TRUTH! To protect our Earth and guarantee this wonderful life to our next generations. Without it we don't exist. Caves are alright, but I'd rather not live in one. I am marching for science because I care about this beautiful planet, our only home, and all its inhabitants! How do you live without using science? Science is important to me because we need to protect this planet to have the resources to discover more of them.