Aerial view of the Port of Mobile. Image used with the generous permission of Sam St. John at

Standing Up for Science in Mobile Alabama!

We encourage all local scientists and anyone who values science to join us downtown on Earth Day for the March for Science in Mobile! Get more event details on our info page, and check back here for regular updates.

Science is the engine driving the thriving economy in the Mobile, Alabama region. We have many science-heavy industries, from aviation, shipbuilding, healthcare and biomedical research, to our growing tech corridor, forestry, fisheries, weather forecasting, and the basic research being done by scientists at our universities.

We’re coming together to celebrate the vital role of science in our community. We know that science education is important for the success of today’s students in tomorrow’s economy. We passionately believe that science informs our curiosity and wonder at the beautiful natural world that surrounds us. And we know that science affects everyone, regardless of political affiliation. We also recognize that, in order for science to continue to thrive, it must be supported by the public and play an important role informing policy. We’re standing up to show we care about the place science has in our democracy.

We are committed to the idea that diverse participation in and support of science makes science better for everyone. To that end we welcome people of all races, ages, faiths, sexual orientations, gender identities, abilities, immigration status, and classes, who care about science and its role in society.

We are a proud partner of sister marches in Birmingham, Huntsville, and Montgomery. If you can’t join us in Mobile, look for one of the over 400 satellite marches around the country and across the world.

We hope to see you there!