Sign Making Contest!

Put your creative hats on, because we have several copies of the Science, Not Silence book as prizes for our sign-making contest on event day!

Science Not Silence photo spread featuring dogs at marches.
A two-page spread from the Science, Not Silence book features dogs with science-themed signs, including Mobile’s own Daisy the hound, with a sign reading, “My favorite scientist is my veterinarian – I’m disabled.”

Categories will include Scientific, Artwork, Humor, Persuasive, and Youth (12 and under).

Entrants will want to read our complete contest guidelines to ensure compliance before making their signs. For example, signs must be science-themed, non-partisan, and non-offensive. Some great rules of thumb to follow are:

  1. Positive: Show what we are for, not what you are against.
  2. Personal: What does science mean to you?
  3. In-law test: If you show this to family and friends with different views on other issues, would they be more likely or less likely to join your support of science?
  4. 8-year-old test: Does this make an 8-year-old say “wow”?