Happy Pi Day!

Happy Pi Day! Support MFS with a donation of $3.14, $31.41, or $314.15 today!

Dear Science Lovers –

Today, March 14, is Pi Day, a celebration of the constant invaluable in formulas throughout math and physics. It’s also exactly one month from the second annual March for Science Mobile event, “A Day for Science.”

We think you’ll agree that this event is bigger and more ambitious than last year. Here’s what we have planned:

  • April 14, 2018 from 9am-12pm, Bienville Square;
  • Keynote speakers Dr. Kristine DeLong and Ben Raines, who will talk about their work on The Underwater Forest, the 2017 documentary about an ancient cypress forest discovered deep in the waters off the Alabama coast;
  • Open air science fair for all ages, with booths from local organizations doing science-based work and showcasing citizen science opportunities, and invited local science fair competitors bringing their show boards;
  • A sign-making contest with prizes in several categories; we’ll have copies of the commemorative book Science Not Silence for the winners (and other goodies);
  • And, of course, a march for science.

Your support is needed to make A Day for Science happen. Pi day is a great occasion to donate $3.14, $31.41, or $314.15 to support the event. You can make your contribution by using the PayPal button on our website (located in the sidebar).

Our expenses this year are projected to be around $2000. Last year we raised enough funds to cover our costs with only a small amount left over. We wouldn’t ask for your help if it weren’t important!

Another way to help out is by buying merchandise from our online store. All sales directly support our 2018 event.

Our volunteer coordinator will soon be sending out a message to people on our volunteer list. If you’ve never signed up to be a volunteer and want to add your name, just use our contact page to get on the mailing list.

With your support we can continue to make a difference in our community! Thank you so much! We look forward to see you on April 14th.


Angela Jordan, President
On behalf of the March for Science Mobile Advisory Board